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This Week in AG History -- June 2, 1963

I. V. Hill was not a Christian and he was wheelchair-bound with numerous ailments, but on the day he asked for prayer, his life — and then his health — was transformed.
I. V. Hill (1895-1965) of Dallas, Texas, received a miraculous healing which was reported 55 years ago in the Pentecostal Evangel. Confined to a wheelchair, Hill experienced “smothering” spells which made it necessary for him to be rushed to the hospital several times a week. He was suffering from heart trouble, nervousness, asthma, bladder trouble, and a hip infection that prevented him from walking.

Hill began listening to the Morning Worship Hour, a radio program broadcast by H. C. Noah of Oak Cliff Assembly of God (now Oaks Church). One morning in November 1957, after listening to the program, he felt prompted to call Pastor Noah. He told him about his condition and asked him to pray, which he did.

Later that same morning, he received a call from Mrs. Maymie Faust, who was the minister of visitation for the church. She asked him about his health issues and then told him he needed to come to church. He did not have transportation, so she said she would come for him. After lunch, he heard a knock on the door, and it was Mrs. Faust. In his wheelchair, he went to the door and invited her into the living room to pray for him. Hill reported, “She laid her hands on me and something like an electric shock went through me.” Hill said that “right there” he met the Lord and was saved. Sister Faust promised to come back that evening to take him to church.

When Sister Faust returned that evening, Mr. Hill, his wife, and a daughter, all were dressed to ride with her to church. When the altar call was given, I. V. Hill hobbled forward on his crutches to make a public profession of his faith.

On Friday Sister Faust again took the Hills to church. The Bible study that night, led by Raymond Brock, the associate pastor, was focused on Hebrews 11 and having faith. I. V. Hill was determined to believe God for healing of his many ailments. When the altar call was given, he went forward and began praying that God would take away each affliction as he began naming them. The Lord met him there. When he got up from the altar, no one needed to help him. He left his crutches behind and no longer needed them. He gave up a tobacco habit he had had for 50 years. He no longer needed his medicines. He was healed!

Hill said, “Prior to this time I was taking as many as 25 doses of medicine a day.” He also needed a narcotic in order to sleep, but from that day forward he no longer needed any of the medications. He slept all night and felt great in the morning. When his wife found him in the kitchen, he was “shouting and having a big time.”

Eager to witness for the Lord, Mr. Hill was handicapped because he had never learned to read. Before his conversion and healing, he could only spell out a few simple words like “cat” or “dog.” But within a few years he reported that he was able to read the Bible, all except for a few words in the Old Testament. He credited God for teaching him how to read.

Previously he could only walk a few feet at a time. But after his healing he started going from house to house with gospel tracts, witnessing to others. He promised the Lord he would do all he could to spread the gospel. Hill declared, “For the past five years I have been a new man, I have health, happiness, and heavenly hope, thanks to the Lord who changed my entire life.”

This healing testimony was endorsed by Pastor H. C. Noah who declared, “This is one of the greatest testimonies I have ever witnessed. Brother Hill has been a member of our church for a little over five years. He is a very faithful man of God. People always respond when they hear this radiant man tell what God did for his mind, soul, and body.”

Dr. Raymond T. Brock later made this assessment: “God permitted Brother Hill to live long enough to give a tithe of his lifetime in Christian service.” Hill witnessed to his 14 living children and their families and then went door-to-door witnessing for the Lord and inviting people to church. Often the church bus would pick up dozens of kids, all invited by this man completely sold out to God. He also ministered to the Dallas Rescue Mission, witnessing of the saving and healing power of God, and leading many men and women to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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Pentecostal Evangel archived editions courtesy of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center.

Glenn W. Gohr

Glenn W. Gohr is the reference archivist at the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center in Springfield, Missouri.