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A.D. Series to Depict Pentecost

As NBC's new hit show depicts Acts 2, Pentecostal leaders react to A.D.'s portrayal of the important passage.

This Sunday, one of the most-viewed shows on primetime television will portray the events of Acts 2. Pentecostal believers have been hotly anticipating this episode to see exactly how the producers of A.D. The Bible Continues will handle this passage of Scripture - and that's no small portion of the viewing audience. 

In 2006, the Pew Research Forum reported that 14 percent of Americans speak in tongues at least "weekly or more." Globally, the Assemblies of God now represents the world's fourth largest Christian community (behind Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican) with some 67.5 million adherents. 
A.D. debuted strongly on Easter Sunday as the most-watched television show of the evening. The series has also won the top rank among the much-coveted 18-to-34-year-old demographic. 

PE News has acquired an advance preview of the Upper Room scene, set to air this Sunday on NBC. 

A.D. portrays believers fervently praying when a great wind encompasses them. As fire descends on the believers, they are filled with the Holy Spirit and immediately begin speaking in tongues. 

Viewers are likely to have a strong reaction to this vivid portrayal of a Pentecostal experience on primetime NBC. PE News reached out to a few Pentecostal leaders to get their initial reactions to this episode:

"This episode is both entertaining and biblically accurate. A profound awareness of Heaven's accessibility turned the dirty floor of an upper room into sacred space. This time, rather than a bush being lit on fire and the voice of the divine being heard, God set His flame upon humanity to become His Voice in an epic conversation for the soul of humanity. The apostles simply surrendered their voice to the greater conversation." 
Heath Adamson
Senior Director, Assemblies of God Youth Ministries 
The Bush Always Burns

"The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost is part of the historical record of the Bible - no question. To not include it in the television series A.D. would be irresponsible to the Biblical narrative. It's not [Mark] Burnett's story to write, it's simply his story to tell."
Scott Wilson
Lead Pastor, The Oaks Fellowship

"I appreciate A.D.'s depiction of the often-marginalized miracle of tongues speaking--which is a reoccurring theme in Acts. The reenactment was tasteful, perhaps even conservative when compared to the descriptive terms used in Acts 2. This portrayal should stir Christians to hunger for the limitless power of the Holy Spirit to become more evident in their lives."
Tim Enloe
Evangelist, Holy Spirit Conferences

Mark Forrester

Mark Forrester is the senior director of Public Relations and Communications for the General Council of the Assemblies of God. He is a graduate of Lee University and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He is general editor of Trending Up: Social Media Strategies for Today's Church. Mark and his wife, Janine, have two children and live in Springfield, Missouri.